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Partnership tra Ades Group e Team S55

Quest’anno il TeamS55 ha intrapreso una nuova collaborazione con l’azienda Ades Group con lo scopo di avviare un’attività di ricerca per lo studio di attività di ispezione e controllo qualità da effettuare sulla replica dell’idrovolante.

Nell’ambito dell’industria aeronautica la manutenzione e l’ispezione dei componenti strutturali sono di importanza fondamentale durante tutto il ciclo di vita degli aeromobili.

Dalle immagini radiografiche, realizzate con tecnologia DDR (Direct Digital Radiography) si sono notate delle cricche, all’interno della struttura a sezione chiusa, che altrimenti non sarebbero state visibili.


East Anglia ONE Project

East Anglia ONE Project, the Netherlands 2018. For sure one of the biggest challenges for AdES thus far!

Manual UT re scan of hundreds of jacket welds for ScottishPowers’s offshore windfarm which covers an area of 300 km2. A huge involvement for us with more than 30 people onsite. 22 Manual UT technicians doing butt welds and TKY joints. A team of up to 10 rope access UT technicians.

So proud of what we did. So proud of having contribute to such an important project for the future of renewable energy.

Ground Penetrating Radar or Georadar

We love testing and validating new technologies. Often, it is not about discovering something new, but it’s just about thinking about new applications for existing tools.

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar or Georadar) is a quite common technique used for several scopes (structural inspection, locating rebar, 2D and 3D rebar layout reconstruction).

However, we love challenges so we use it differently. Using the Proceq GP8000 and its patented “stepped frequency continuous wave” technology, we developed and successfully validated via a “blind test” on flawed specimens manufactured by one of our Client our GPR procedure for performing CUF (corrosion under fireproofing) inspection for structural steel where PEC/PECA is not suitable due to geometric constraints.

Today we use GPR units both for conventional applications (if the AR image you see can still be called conventional) and for CUF inspection.

Anything you need help with? Keep in touch – antonio.palumbo@adesndt.com

SLA 3D printer

It’s not just about NDT. We also have fun with our SLA 3D printer. Sometimes we use it for creating components and spare parts for our advanced NDT games, other times she is busy with our Clients playing with prototyping, reverse engineering, creating components, gadgets or anything they might need. We can even use a special resin for biocompatible applications (medical).
We offer both the 3D printing service as well as the complete package including engineering support, material selection, design and printing of anything you want to create with a 25 micron XY resolution.
Keep in touch – info@adesndt.com

ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurement)

In the last 12 months, we have introduced several NDT techniques to our portfolio. One of this is ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurement). We have been lucky enough to be able in such short time to perform ACFM both onshore and offshore and even on ropes. Looking forward for next challenge.
Do you need to perform surface inspection on painted welds? Do you want to know the depth of your surface breaking crack?

Keep in touch – info@adesndt.com