AdES in-house workshop is equipped with both conventional and CNC machines. In 2019 we added a state-of-the-art 3D printer at our facilities. We can manufacture all the calibration and reference blocks you may need for your NDT team. Produced products include:

  • UT calibration block IIW V1 (ISO 2400)
  • UT calibration block IIW V2 (ISO 7963)
  • Phased Array UT block (ISO 19675)
  • Thin wall piping curved calibration block (ISO 20601)
  • API RP 2X Kits (TKY joints)
  • API-UT-1 flawed specimen kit
  • Seeded defect welds for NDT procedures validation/qualification
  • Mock-up welds for NDT technicians training/test
  • Any type of calibration and reference block according to clients’ drawings and/or International standard requirements
  • Scanning mechanisms for automated ultrasonic testing

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We serve a variety of industry including renewables, oil and gas, power generation, general engineering and construction both onshore and offshore.

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