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The courses are conducted by third level experts and take place in our offices with an annual calendar or (on request) at the customer’s premises. We offer our experience and professionalism for the training and qualification of non-destructive control technicians for the industrial sector and provide all the assistance necessary to achieve the desired level of qualification.

What are non-destructive testing (CND or NDT)?

Tests to inspect, qualify and enhance the quality of a structure.

They consist of a series of physical tests designed to investigate the possible presence of defects in a piece or structure, without having to destroy them completely or partially, which would make them unusable later.

Laboratory technicians are level II and III qualified according to EN 473 / ISO 9712 / SNT-TC-1A and can perform the following control methods:

  • Visual test
  • Magnetoscopic test
  • Test with penetrating liquids
  • Test with ultrasound
  • Radiographic test

These tests can be carried out both in the laboratory and at the customer’s site.

Periodic non-destructive checks, carried out at specific points in the production cycle, help manufacturers to detect defects from the earliest stages, allowing the piece to be eventually rejected before further processing costs are incurred.

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