Ground Penetrating Radar or Georadar

We love testing and validating new technologies. Often, it is not about discovering something new, but it’s just about thinking about new applications for existing tools.

GPR (Ground Penetrating Radar or Georadar) is a quite common technique used for several scopes (structural inspection, locating rebar, 2D and 3D rebar layout reconstruction).

However, we love challenges so we use it differently. Using the Proceq GP8000 and its patented “stepped frequency continuous wave” technology, we developed and successfully validated via a “blind test” on flawed specimens manufactured by one of our Client our GPR procedure for performing CUF (corrosion under fireproofing) inspection for structural steel where PEC/PECA is not suitable due to geometric constraints.

Today we use GPR units both for conventional applications (if the AR image you see can still be called conventional) and for CUF inspection.

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